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Epic Apis Homepage

designed to be a unique, vibrant user experience, Epic Apis is a collection of quirky apis - ten - paired with semantic HTML in a single-page React App. in addition to each HTML element that complements a corresponding api, there are an additional four 12 accept user input. the remaining two offer downloadable resources.

STACK: react apis axios fetch localStorage media queries modals semantic html sendGrid digital ocean nginx pm2 r sync

Capstone Homepage

Creas Crave Live
deploy: github pages
the code

Creas Crave Portal Live
deploy: herokuapp
the code

Creas Crave Back End
deploy: herokuapp
the code

e-commerce site with cart functionality through Gumroad; digital asset files via node-API and Postgres database; auto sort search feature ... admin and customer portal access through authn and authz via Auth0 for e-commerce site; portal form input validation; links to intentionally blank secondary pages

STACK: javascript openweatherapi postgres react sequelize auth0 axios bootstrap browserrouter

NYT Best Sellers List

NYT Best Sellers List Live
deploy: github pages
the code

selected books best sellers list with favorites feature via localStorage and selected playlist; continuous play through list and grid view toggle

STACK:axios html javascript localstorage nytapi

To-Do List Django App 3 Pages

create, edit, in progress, completed, and dual in-progress/completed listing. submit never todos to rid of less-than ideal thoughts, energy ... notes page

STACK: django python herokuapp html css